Cheap Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch ‘CK2998’ Limited Edition Replica Watches Hands-On


Omega launched a torrent of new models and colors at Baselworld this past March, and among the new Planet Oceans and Moonphase Speedmasters we found the handsome and entirely charming Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “CK2998” Limited Edition. Sharing the same basic form as the Moonwatch “First Omega replica in Space,” this svelte but sporty chronograph is a nod to the reference CK 2998 Speedmaster that Walter Schirra wore in 1962 during his orbital flight on the MA-8 mission of the Mercury Program. Nestled precariously within his ship, the Sigma 7, Schirra orbited the Earth 6 times and, to the benefit of modern day Omega, did so while wearing an early Speedmaster which he had bought for personal use.


Though it would be more than two years before NASA would select the Omega Speedmaster as their go-to timepiece, the CK 2998 was indeed the first Omega replica watches in space and has held an important place in both Omega’s history and in the hearts of many a Speedy collector. The new 2016 cheap Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “CK2998” (Omega’s quotations, not mine) boasts a beautiful blue coloring anchored by a silvery white dial and a 39.7mm steel case. The panda-style dial gives the “CK2998” a distinct look that sits somewhere between the black-dialed original “FOiS” and the Sedna gold model launched last year.

In a departure from the original and the Sedna variants, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “CK2998” has been fitted with a lollipop seconds hand and a lumed tachymeter scale on the bezel. The case back is solid and bears replica Omega’s original Speedmaster Seahorse medallion and the “CK2998” is water resistant to 50 meters. Powered by Speedy-famous calibre 1861, Omega has wisely decided to continue their use of this legacy movement in the vintage inspired “First Omega in Space” models. The 1861 is a manually wound and cam-actuated 12-hour chronograph with a 48-hour power reserve. Given its lineage and connection to early space exploration, the 1861 is a big deal for cheap Omega, and its continued use is not only a nod to their specific past but also to the old-school reality of watch enthusiasm – especially when juxtaposed by the highly technical reality of Omega’s modern movements (think: co-axial, anti-magnetic, and METAS certification).


Not unlike the movement, the 39.7mm case sizing feels willfully old-school, especially on a table full of 44.25mm Dark Side of The Moons, Moonphase Master Chronometers, and 55mm-wide Ploprofs. Fact is, Omega’s modern line up is, on average, quite large. While the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “CK2998” is not amazingly small, its somewhat smaller case size (and steel construction) offers a handsome and appealing Speedmaster option for those not wanting something as large as a DSoTM or something as common as a Speedmaster Pro.


Limited to 2998 units, you have to assume the uk Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “CK2998” will sell like hotcakes when they hit retailers later this summer. With a reserved and classic aesthetic, legacy movement, and lovely blue/silver coloring, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “CK2998” is going to check the box for a lot of collectors who love the history of the Speedmaster but want a brand new swiss replica watches that still manages to feel special. Costing US$165, fitted to a matching blue leather strap with beige stitching, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “CK2998” is nothing short of beautiful and was easily my favorite of the Omega novelties at Baselworld 2016.

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Sufficiently Swiss: at least 60% for replica watches

Swiss replica watches on display at the Baselworld exhibition in July.

Switzerland adopted regulations on Friday requiring that locally-made parts account for at least 60 percent by value in order for replica watches to bear the coveted and lucrative “Swiss Made” label.

The government said in a statement that the change, to go into effect on January 1, expands the criteria for judging whether a fake watch is sufficiently Swiss from just the main mechanism to all parts, and increases the minimum value from 50 percent currently.

Citing research that consumers are ready to pay up to 50 percent more for watches that are made in the Alpine nation, the government said the tightening of the regulations was taken “to stem the threat of abusive practices concerning Swiss origin and protect the good reputation of the ‘Swiss label’ and Switzerland as a manufacturing location.”

Watches are a key export earner for Switzerland, bringing in 21.5 billion francs ($22.4 billion, 19.9 billion euros) last year, and the country is home to luxury brands such as replica Omega, Rolex and TAG Heuer watch.

But use of some parts imported from low-cost countries is a common practice in some segments of the industry.

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This Swiss singer really loves his replica watches

Hailing from Switzerland, Bastian Baker has made a name for himself as a singer-songwriter in Europe. Photo: Omega Replica

He may just be 25 years in age, but Bastian Baker sings to a tune of an older soul. The Swiss singer-songwriter’s boyish good looks belie the maturity of a man who certainly knows what he wants in life.

Speaking to, the Lausanne-born Villeneuve resident lets on that he was once an avid hockey player. While on the verge of turning professional, he decided instead to drop the sport to pursue singing.

“The only thing that kept me happy all the time – that gave me that adrenaline – was my tunes. I sang a lot back then. Everywhere I go, I would take my guitar,” he relates, regarding his early love for music.

Baker is now considered one of Switzerland’s most dynamic performers. His first and second albums Tomorrow May Not Be Better and Too Old To Die Young both went platinum since debuting in 2011 and 2013, respectively.

Within his career, he has received five Swiss Music Awards and two Prix Walo. He was recognised as “Best Swiss Act” at the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards. He performed at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi too.

Baker has charmed audiences at some of the most prestigious venues and international festivals such as the Olympia in Paris, the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Paleo Festival in Nyon and the Blue Note in Tokyo.

“My music has always been more folk, or rather, acoustic. From the beginning, it’s just been me and myself, and my guitar, trying to write down my feelings and putting really nice melodies to it,” he states.

According to Baker, he has a very loving and understanding family. His dad, who played hockey professionally, was fine with him switching career paths. However, that could be because of his careful planning.

“When I first told my parents about my music wish, I already had an office with a manager and label. I didn’t want to be that teenager who goes, ‘Hey, I’m 18 and I’m going crazy. I want to make music’,” he quips.

“I had a person believing in me and was going to invest money in me. I had a label that thinks my songs are great, and I had this management company who wanted to help me out. So I had something concrete to convince my parents.”

Baker was in Kuala Lumpur recently to attend an exclusive Omega event held at Starhill Gallery. As it is, his Swiss heritage underscores an apt significance of him being appointed ambassador to the luxury replica watches brand.

“It is not a stereotype. I think Swiss people are indeed enthusiastic about watchmaking. It’s a real passion and a real pride for us. Everywhere I travel in the world, I see Swiss replica watches, and that makes me proud,” he says.

Baker feels that having on a really nice watch can work as a conversation starter. He is currently wearing an Omega Globemaster, of which, he reckons has caught the attention of the many people he meets.

“You compare your watches and hear the stories of the replica watches. I don’t think it’s about one being better than the other. But when you see an interesting watch, you talk about it. You’d want to know why someone chose that particular watch,” he adds.

When it comes to the qualities of a fake watch, it is the aesthetics that matter more. Technical innovation aside, he personally prefers well-crafted timepieces that are able to make him feel good or confident.

“I was wearing the Speedmaster ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ before this. I also had a Omega Seamaster prior to that. But I really love the Globemaster for not only having a sober design, but intricate details as well.”

While Baker describes himself as more of a “shirt and jeans kind of guy”, the one thing he cannot do away with is his watch. To him, a timepiece is probably the only cool jewellery that a man can wear.

“You will not see me without my watch. If you see me without a watch, I’m probably having a heart attack. Because I’ll be lying on the ground somewhere. My watch is always the first thing I put on in the morning after I shower,” he concludes with a laugh.

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